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Low Cost and Quality Dental Implants

Welcome to Dental Implants - Costa Rica, a portal that brings to you information about the various dental treatments available in the country, their prices, and other things that you would need to take a dental trip there.

About Costa Rica

Big Savings

You can easily expect to save as much as 50-70 percent on the cost of dental work in the US and Canada. The low cost of treatments does not however mean that the quality is compromised. World-class dental treatments are provided at affordable prices only because the overall cost of living in Costa Rica is much lower.

3-D Dental Imaging

The use of advanced technology for x-rays and high-definition panoramic imaging allows the dentist to closely and accurately study the maxillofacial anatomy and provide precise treatments. Also, the use of CAD/CAM for highly precise and quick restorations gives this clinic an edge over the others.

No Language Barrier

Many dentists and the administrative staff of the clinic can easily converse in English, and for those who are not comfortable with English, language interpreters can be arranged.

Smile Designing

Many dental tourists also come to Costa Rica for an overall enhancement of their smile. Cosmetic dental work is performed by dentists with different specialties, who work together to bring out the desired results for you.


Our value-for-money packages for dental implants, crowns, veneers, full mouth restorations and a host of other dental procedures cost just a fraction of the US prices.
ProcedureCost in US Dollars
Single Piece Immediate Load Implant$650
Traditional Implant$750
Porcelain Crown$325- $375
Dental Bridge (per unit)$325- $375
Implant Supported Dentures (Overdentures)$1,800 $1,650
Smile Makeover (full mouth porcelain/porcelain zirconia crowns & bridges)$9,000 $8,800
Full Upper/Lower Mouth Rehabilitation (with dental implants and porcelain/porcelain zirconium crowns/bridges) From $8,975
Complete Mouth Reconstruction (applicable for patients with more than 80% of their teeth missing)From $16,795
Package of 6 Smile Veneers $2,040

(Note - This is an indicative list of the prices which are subject to change; contact us for the latest info)

Your Dental Trip Simplified

We provide a host of services that will help you have a fulfilling dental tourism experience in Costa Rica. Our value-for-money services include:
• Language support (in English, Spanish and even French)
• 24*7 destination support

  Hotel Stay
As part of our affordable dental packages, we offer assistance with accommodation for our clients and their travel companions. We even offer complimentary hotel stay (valid on select packages only; contact for more details).
  Concierge Services
In order to ensure your stay in San Jose for dental implants and other procedures is as seamless possible, we provide a host of services, including:
• Determination of the kind of care you need which meets your goals and expectations by a dental advisor
• Assistance with travel documents (visa and passport)
• Scheduling appointments
• Accessible lodging and transportation arrangements
• Assistance with stay at the clinic during treatment as well as post discharge
• FREE Internet as well as international phone calls
• A well-appointed executive lounge to help you feel at ease
• Assistance with dental reports and prescription medications post-op
• Scheduling appointments in the future as well as follow-ups

  Free Shuttle Service
We provide FREE airport-hotel-airport shuttle (applicable on Juan Santamaria International Airport). Complimentary hotel- clinic-hotel pick-and-drop is also provided (applicable on select hotels).

Why Us?

• Custom dental vacation packages tailored to your requirements
• One-stop-shop offering a gamut of dental procedures under the same roof
• Our package prices are quite pocket-friendly
• Use branded, high grade material
• Latest CAD/CAM technology for fabricating dental restorations right within the center
• Metal-free Zirconium crowns, veneers, bridges and other dental restorations also available

One of the Best Dental Clinics in San Jose, CR

Your dental work will be performed at a well-equipped internationally accredited dental clinic which has been serving patients from more than 20 countries (forming 95% of its clientele) for over a decade. The clinic features:
• On-site dental lab (which helps reduce treatment times)
• International patient support desk
• Eight well-equipped operating rooms
• Competent dental team specializing in implantology and associated with the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), and Colegio de cirujanos dentistas de Costa Rica (CCDCR)
• Accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF)
• Local accreditation by PROMED
• Bilingual staff (support also available in Portuguese, Italian and French)
• Conveniently located just about ten miles from the Juan Santamaría International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría) (IATA: SJO)

Price Comparison - Costa Rica vs. United States

You can save almost 70% over the American prices with our dental vacation packages in San Jose. Have a look at the following table:
Average Cost of Implants in Florida (USA)*Our Price

*Taken from Cost-Helper **Price of a single traditional implant (including abutment)

Options for Oral Rehabilitation

Traditional Dental Implant
• Also known as two-stage delayed load dental implant, the traditional implant is an effective solution for missing teeth.
• It is an artificial tooth root made of titanium and is embedded into the jawbone in place of the natural tooth root.
• The implant is topped by a replacement tooth which it holds in place by anchoring to it.
• Traditional implants usually involve two surgeries.
• In the first phase of the treatment, the dental implantologist will place the implant in the jawbone below the gum tissue.
• The gum tissue will be sutured back in place, and as it heals it will attach itself to the implant. In the meanwhile the implant will fuse with the jawbone in a process known as osseointegration. This may take 3 to 6 months.
• In the second phase of the treatment which takes place after the implant integrates with the jawbone, the implantologist will fix the abutment on top of the implant.
• This will be followed by placement of a temporary artificial tooth till the time proper fitting is not achieved.
• In case the patient is missing several teeth, the implants will be topped by a dental bridge. Bridges are dental prosthesis that span across the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

Immediate Load Dental Implant
• Immediate load dental implants are also known as single stage same day implants.
• As the implant and abutment are fused together as one unit, immediate load implants do not require any healing with the abutment and hence eliminate the need for a second surgical procedure.
• Osseointegration (the process in which the implant fuses with the jawbone) begins immediately.
• The implant's physical structure enables immediate use and the procedure eliminates the need to wait for the abutment to heal for six months and to wear a removable prosthesis during that time period.
• The entire process takes about 10-12 days.
• As the immediate load implant promotes bone growth immediately after its placement, it reduces the need for dental bone grafting surgery.
• While same day implants allow the dentist to place the artificial tooth root and crown in the same trip, extractions, if any, should be done 4 to 6 months prior to the surgery.

  Mini Dental Implants
• While a standard dental implant is made up of two pieces, a mini implant is a single structure solid screw that acts as an artificial tooth root.
• Almost half the diameter of a traditional implant (less than 3 mm), a mini dental implant is an FDA-approved solution for missing teeth.
• While it may take two mini implants to provide the support equal to that provided by one traditional implant, these may be more suitable than the latter in the following cases:
o Bone loss
o Cases requiring short-term quick-fix
• These are cheaper than traditional implants as traditional implants require an abutment to attach them to the artificial replacement tooth. A mini implant on the other hand is single piece and discounts the need to buy any additional parts.

  Hybrid Implants (All on 6 and All on 8)
All on 6 Implants
• All on 6 implants involve placement of six implants in either of the dental arches.
• These implants work as anchors to fixed or snap-on dental bridges.
• The implants are placed in the anterior region of the jaw where the bone density is the highest, thereby ensuring a strong bite.

All-on-8 Implants
• The all on 8 implant system involves placing eight implants per dental attached, topped by dental bridge comprising 12 to 14 units of teeth.
• It is recommended for people with less than 20% of their natural teeth remaining.
• It is relatively quick procedure requiring just about 11 days to complete it.
• It does not require any flap surgery. In comparison with All on 4 implants, All on 8 allows for better dispersion of force.
• It also allows immediate function.

Implant-supported Dentures
• Implant-supported dentures are a type of overdentures which instead of resting on the gumline, are supported by implants.
• These are suitable for people with no teeth but who have sufficient bone in the jaw.
• These are also known as snap-on dentures as these are snapped on to an attachment on the implants.
• One may also opt for implant supported fixed bridges which cannot be removed.

Travel Info

Here is some useful information for those considering dental work in the Latin American country:
• Currency: Costa Rican Colon (the US dollar is widely accepted by most of the business establishments)
• Closest international airport to the dental center: Juan Santamaria International Airport (which is just about 25 minutes from the dental clinic)
• Visa requirements: US citizens do not need a visa to enter the country. They must have a valid passport and a return ticket to Costa Rica to enter the country.
• Approximate flying time between San Jose and major American cities (non-stop):

o New York: 5h 30m
o Miami, Florida: 2h 55m
o Houston, Texas: 3h 45m
o Los Angeles, California: 5h 40m

• Tourism opportunities: A dental vacation in the Central American country gives you a unique opportunity to soak in its sights and sounds. Known for its bio-diversity, Costa Rica is a land teeming with volcanoes, tropical forests, cloud forests and exotic flora and fauna. Some of the must-sees of the country are:

o The Arenal Volcano
o The Irazu Volcano
o Manual Antonio National Park
o Montverde Cloud Forest
o Parque Nacional Tortuguero
o Montezuma

Some of the must-dos of CR are:
o Whitewater rafting on Rio Tenorio
o Hiking through the cloud forests of Monteverde
o Taking a zip-lining canopy tour over its cloud forests
o Snorkeling at the Coco's Island
o Hitting the forest trail on horseback

Other Treatments We Offer

Full Mouth Restoration
Dental Crowns
Dental Bridges
Procelain Veneers
Smile Makeover
Fixed Dentures
Immediate Dentures
Snap-on Dentures
One-trip Permanent Dentures
Cosmetic Dentistry
All on 6 and 8 Implants

Meet our Dental Specialists

Our network Dental Surgeons in Costa Rica

Cosmetic Dental Surgeon in Costa Rica
Cosmetic Dental Expert – Costa Rica

A prime name in the field of cosmetic dentistry and oral reconstruction in Costa Rica, who is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Dr. Andres Fernandez - Costa Rica
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Costa Rica

Member of prestigious bodies such as the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) and the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (IAOMS).

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Dr. Felix Castro - Costa Rica
Orthodontist in Costa Rica

Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedic specialist in Costa Rica who is a member of the World Federation of Orthodontists and many other prestigious dental organizations.

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Dental Implant Surgeon - Costa Rica
Dental Implantologist – Costa Rica

One of the leading dental implant specialists in Costa Rica who revolutionized Valplast technique and tooth in a day implants in Latin America.

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Latest Costa Rica Dental Travel Blogs and Videos

Many dental tourists also come to Costa Rica for an overall enhancement of their smile. Cosmetic dental work is performed by dentists with different specialties, who work together to bring out the desired results for you.

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What patients say About Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Dental Implants Costa Rica has helped a number of people regain their glorious smile.

  • Charessa Lyle - Dental Testimonial Costa Rica

    She (case manager) was very prompt in giving me all the information of what I needed. I did my arrangements for my flight, for my husband and I said I am about to go, get my miracle.

  • Happy Dental Tourist - Costa Rica

    My doctors here are highly professional and extremely well-trained, I think just as good as anywhere in the world, if not better…I saved 20,000 dollars.

  • Gerry - Costa Rica

    I am 110 % satisfied with the clinic and everyone who was responsible for my treatment and care. I never had such a warm welcome at any dental office I entered in the US, like the one I encountered in San Jose, CR.