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Dental Implantologist – Costa Rica

We work with one of the leading dental implant specialists in Costa Rica who has treated thousands of patients.

Here is a sneak-peek into his profile:

  • He is an American Dental Association (ADA) affiliate member.
  • He is one of the founding members of an AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) accredited dental clinic in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose.
  • He graduated from the prestigious Paulista University School of Dentistry in Brazil.
  • He has served as a representative for Costa Rica in Brazil during the time he underwent graduation there.
  • He spearheaded the thriving dental tourism industry in Costa Rica, and has been featured on various TV programs, magazines, and journals.
  • His professional expertise can be gauged from the fact he is a pioneer of Valplast technique and immediate load implants in Latin America.
  • He is proficient in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Watch this video in which the dental implant surgeon from Costa Rica talks about multilingual staff at his San Jose clinic.

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