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Fixed Dentures in Costa Rica

Not offered in Costa Rica. Alternatives offered are All-on-4, All-on-6, and All-on-8 implants.   Fixed dentures are preferred over removable ones because the former have a better feel to them, look more natural, and also help prevent bone loss. In countries like the United States and Canada, they can be quite expensive. However, one can […]

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Is It Safe to have Dental Surgery in Costa Rica?

Owing to the high prices of dental procedures in the United States and Canada, many North Americans are now undertaking dental trips to Costa Rica for cheaper procedures. Costa Rica offers affordable dental procedures and is a tourist country, and therefore, is a perfect example of a dental tourism vacation. Places like San Jose, Montverde, […]

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Length of Stay in Costa Rica for Dental Implants

In this video, our Dental Implantologist talks about your stay in Costa Rica and how you can make the most out of your dental vacation in Costa Rica.  Video Transcription “As an average the patient will come to us so that he can stay close to ten days. And, I would to explain why ten […]

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Why Choose Us for Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

In this video our Dental Implantologist assures of excellent treatment for Dental Implants in Costa Rica. He also states that client comfort and well-being comes first for him.   Video Transcription “Well, one of the things I want to do besides giving you a good treatment in dental is that we will serve you, as […]

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Dental Packages for Costa Rica

Dental Vacation Packages – Costa Rica

The dental vacation packages offered by dental centers in Costa Rica  would provide an opportunity for many Americans and Canadians to benefit from dental services that are beyond their pocket’s reach back home.   Costs and Appointment

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