Verdant Countryside - Costa RicaSan Jose is not your average dental tourism hub. The Costa Rican capital allows dental tourists to enjoy a “tooth” holiday to the fullest. It is a dental tourism hub which offers not just quality care at sprawling clinics at expert hands, but also a mélange of cultural and  sightseeing options which would delight those looking for combination of dental care with vacationing.

Tired sitting in your dentist’s chair while having your dental implants? Looking for more reasons to flash that radiant smile after your dental makeover? Then venture out of your hotel room and enjoy the following tourist attractions in and around San Jose:

  • Parque Nacional: A verdant space in the Costa Rican capital, Parque Nacional offers moments of quiet and tranquility amid statues depicting prominent personalities and events from the Central American history. Located right in the heart of downtown San Jose, the park is lined with a number of benches topped with rows of shady trees which offer good respite to the tired feet after all that walking and shopping.
  • Teatro Nacional (National Theater of Costa Rica): If you want to soak in neoclassical ambience, then Teotro Nacional with its intricate architecture inspired by nineteenth century European designs has a lot to offer. The theater features statues of famous musicians and dramatists. Some of the highlights of the theater are its eye-catching lobby and auditorium, impressive paintings depicting life in the 19th century, and antique chandeliers and furniture. If there aren’t any concerts going on, then you can get a vicarious feel of Paris at the theater’s cafeteria.
  • Museo Nacional (National Museum): For prompt lessons on Costa Rican history and culture, visit the National Museum located right inside the Bellavista fortress. The museum features an eclectic collection of exhibits right from the Pre-Columbian era to the 20th century. The museum also has its own butterfly garden which features about 600 butterflies of various hues.
  • Museo Nacional del Jade (Jade Museum): You can also spend about half an hour at this museum which exhibits jade artifacts of goddesses, reptiles, shamans, and even pottery. The museum is easy to miss because it is located inconspicuously on the first floor of the National Insurance Institute (INS).
  • Metropolitan Church (Catedral Metropolitana):  You can feast your eyes on this 1871 church which Blue Morpho Butterflyperfectly exemplifies neoclassical and Renaissance-style architecture. The church draws devout Ticos and travelers with its stained-glass windows, colorful tiled flooring, and a 17th century Christ figure.
  • Museo de los Niños and Galeria Nacional: If your kids have accompanied you on your dental trip to San Jose, a visit to this one-of-its-kind children’s museum can give them interesting lessons on geography, science, astonomy and natural history. The museum is located in an early 20th century prison. The abandoned prison cells are now being used to exhibit contemporary art.
  • Barrio Amón: The historic epicenter of San Jose, Barrio Amón holds the distinction of being the oldest neighborhood of the Costa Rican capital. It offers visitors with a glimpse of the city’s architectural jewels in various states of maintenance. The neighborhood is lined by a number of art galleries, hotels, cafeterias, and eateries. You can take a two-hour guided walking tour acquainting yourself with the anecdotes and history of this important art center.
  • Ruinas de Ujarras: Just about 30 km from San Jose lies the picturesque village of Ujarras. The village is home to the ruins of the oldest church of Costa Rica. This church was built in the late 16th century. The site has been recognized as a National Monument by the Costa Rican government. The village is flanked by Lake Cachi to the northeast.

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