Smile Designing in Costa RicaAccording to a Chinese proverb, every smile makes you a day younger. With dental treatments in the developed world becoming hard to afford, smile makeover in Costa Rica could be a wiser choice.

The volume of medical tourists thronging Costa Rica for teeth veneers or for other dental procedures is testimony to the fact that it is fast becoming a popular medical tourism destination.

Smile enhancement procedures in San Jose, Costa Rica are a lucrative option for medical tourists from the US, Canada or the UK, who want that Hollywood star-like disarming smile, without having to pay like one!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica—Some Advantages

According to the Council for International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine (PROMED), medical tourism in Costa Rica resulted in the generation of revenue to the tune of about of $100 million in 2011. Some of the reasons for the popularity of Costa Rica as a medical tourism destination are:

  • A definite and significant cost-advantage over the US, Canada or the UK works in Costa Rica’s favor. Be it smile correction or full arch implant bridge in Costa Rica, it costs only a fraction of what it would cost in the more affluent countries.
  • Not only does one save a lot of money, s/he also gets treated by highly experienced dentists, whose skills are continuously whetted by the large volume of cases they handle.
  • The latest equipment and state-of-the-art technology ensures that hospitals in our network in Costa Rica are at par with the best anywhere in the world.
  • Staff that is linguistically adept and dexterous at their job also adds to the list of merits of Costa Rica for cosmetic dentistry.
  • Costa Rica is a beautiful country, with a large part of the country being rain forests. No wonder, the abundance of natural beauty in Costa Rica will make your dental trip to Costa Rica an affair to remember.
  • Another remarkable thing about Costa Rica is that it is a very peaceful country that abolished its military constitutionally. Since 1948 the country has not witnessed a civil war!

Year after year the number of medical tourists landing in Costa Rica is increasing and concurrently the quality of medical services here is improving.

Language Tips for Dental Tourists in Costa Rica

Picturesque lake in Costa RicaWhile you are in San Jose for porcelain veneers, and a man across the road calls out ‘Hey, macha’, do not be perplexed for he means ‘Hey, blond American.’ The following words/phrases may stand you in good stead while you are in Costa Rica:

  • Tico: A Costa Rican man; plural (Ticos), Costa Rican people
  • Pura Vida: Perfect
  • Saludes: Greetings
  • Idiay: Hello!
  • Buena Nota: All right
  • No Entender Ni Papa: I do not understand that
  • No Joda: Don’t bother me

It is rightly said that a smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. The beauty and power of a genuine smile is known to all. If an uneven teeth line, or stained teeth or any other dental impediment has been obstructing that winning smile of yours from showing itself to the world, a smile makeover in Costa Rica could just be the right option for you.

The low cost of smile makeover in Costa Rica will help you save a lot to enjoy a few days in this Central American paradise. In Costa Rica, enter a dental clinic with money in your wallet and a problem in your teeth, and exit with a lot of money still left in your wallet, and the problem in the dentist’s washbasin!

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