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Dental Veneers in San Jose – Costa Rica

Veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment for improvement of teeth and smile.  They can make your teeth whiter and more even-looking. Dental Veneers in San Jose can save you upto 70% of the cost. Why Get Veneers in Costa Rica?  Lower Prices The cost of dental work in San Jose, CR can be a third of […]

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Cost of Dental Implants in San Jose

The dental implants price in San Jose, Costa Rica is quite low as compared to the amount one has to pay for the prosthetics in the US. Apart from the lower cost of dental implants in San Jose, the growth of dental tourism here is also attributed to its sophisticated healthcare infrastructure and high standards of […]

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Smile Makeover in San Jose – Costa Rica

A smile makeover is designed to augment a person’s smile and also eliminate any dental problems, such as crooked, worn-out, or broken teeth, and in the process enhance his/her facial appearance and self-esteem.   Cost By opting for aesthetic dentistry in Costa Rica, Americans, Canadians, and Britons can expect to save around 50% to 70% […]

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Partial Plates in Costa Rica

Partial dental plates are a common replacement for groups of missing teeth or teeth scattered around in the upper and lower jaws. Those looking for a combination of quality and cost savings can consider the option of having partial plates in Costa Rica. Why Costa Rica for Partial Dentures? Big savings: You pay only a […]

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