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Smile Makeover in Costa Rica

According to a Chinese proverb, every smile makes you a day younger. With dental treatments in the developed world becoming hard to afford, smile makeover in Costa Rica could be a wiser choice. The volume of medical tourists thronging Costa Rica for teeth veneers or for other dental procedures is testimony to the fact that […]

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Multilingual Staff at Dental Center – Costa Rica

This video talks about the multilingual staff at dental center in Costa Rica. Video Narration: “We Speak besides Spanish, we speak English and thus everybody speak Spanish and English, specially all the dentists and all of the staff that will be handling international patients and also myself I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese and we […]

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Dental Vacation in Costa Rica

This video talks about the Dental Vacation in Costa Rica. Video Narration: “Basically I think Costa Rica is not only for the prices it’s just top ten countries to visit. It is close by a markets which is Canadian and U.S. We are even though over lapping; we are cultural behavior or the way we […]

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Low Cost Dental Care in Costa Rica

This video shows a surgeon discussing about the low cost dental care in Costa Rica. Following is the video narration. “Basically I think Costa Rica, not only for the prices, it’s just still top ten countries to visit. We are closely a market which is Canadians and US. We are cultural behaviour or the way we see […]

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Overdentures in Costa Rica

Whether you want to replace missing teeth, get rid of ill-fitting dentures, or spruce up your smile, getting dental implants and overdentures in Costa Rica could be a safe and affordable option.With its world-renowned dental facilities and highly trained dentists, Costa Rica has become a chosen destination for implants and overdentures.  According to a research […]

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