This video shows a surgeon discussing about the low cost dental care in Costa Rica.

Following is the video narration.

“Basically I think Costa Rica, not only for the prices, it’s just still top ten countries to visit. We are closely a market which is Canadians and US. We are cultural behaviour or the way we see things are more …or more easy for them to adapt. The country has an infrastructure or people are more used to having tours. So people feel more comfortable being around it.

You can use dollars here as currency…is local currency but you can use actually use dollars. People are used to taking dollars. So it makes it easier and it’s just an easy and close by place to visit which is just less than two hours and twenty minutes from Miami so we have plenty of flights coming in and coming out. So it’s a nice place to visit while you do a lot of savings on doing the dental work.”

Along with an affordable cost of dental implants in Costa Rica, it is also known for its lovely beaches, gorgeous locations and wonderful culture too. This makes it a complete holiday package including the dental trip. There is no wait time, surgeons are highly skilled and qualified and technology at the dental clinics is up-to-date.

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