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Dental Work in Costa Rica – Testimonial

Costa Rica has established itself as one of the prime dental tourism destination of the Americas. The country’s capital, San Jose, is a magnet for people seeking quality yet easy-on-the-pocket dental work, minus the wait-times. Dental Implants Costa Rica, in its pursuit of customer satisfaction, has garnered a long list of happy clients, one of […]

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Scaling and Root Planing in Costa Rica

Cost of Perio Root Planing and Scaling – Less than $100 per quadrant* Canadians and Americans can save them a lot of money for dental procedures, which would normally cost  them considerably more at home. Scaling and root planing in Costa Rica are a fraction of the cost charged by typical North American dentists. A […]

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Dental Vacation Packages – Costa Rica

Massimo Manzi, executive director of the nonprofit organization PROMED, recently estimated in the Costa Rican newspaper La Nación that by 2014 the country will see as many as 100,000 medical tourists per year. The dental vacation packages offered by dental centers in Costa Rica  would provide an opportunity for many Americans and Canadians to benefit from dental services […]

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Costa Rica Dentist Review

If you are contemplating low cost dental work in Costa Rica, you should consider looking for a Costa Rica dentist review. Whether you  are seeking to repair a tooth or desire a total smile makeover with dental implants in Costa Rica, it is important that you select a dentist who will best meet your needs […]

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Mark’s Root Canal in Costa Rica

The video shows Mark from Pennsylvania sharing his experience of getting root canal treatment in Costa Rica. This testimonial for root canal in Costa Rica may help dental tourists from countries with expensive dental care make up their minds about giving Costa Rica a shot. Narration – “Well I’m from the States but I live […]

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