Cost of Perio Root Planing and Scaling – Less than $100 per quadrant*

Scaling and root planing in Costa RicaCanadians and Americans can save them a lot of money for dental procedures, which would normally cost  them considerably more at home. Scaling and root planing in Costa Rica are a fraction of the cost charged by typical North American dentists.

A Survey of Dental Care Affordability and Accessibility conducted by Empirica Research in 2011 stated that approximately 50% of Americans did not have dental insurance.

Given the high costs of dental care and lack of dental insurance in the USA, it makes sense to consider having a dental holiday in Costa Rica, as the alluring Central American country has high tech, modern and clean facilities with standards comparable to those in any of the developed countries, and is within easy proximity.

(*Prices are subject to change without prior notification; contact us through the quote form for the latest prices)

What do Scaling and Root Planing Entail?

  • Scaling and root planing (SRP) dental procedure is the process of removing and eliminating dental plaque and calculus from the periodontum (teeth).
  • Periodontal scaling scrapes off and cleans calculus and plaque from the surface of the tooth, thereby helping to prevent periodontitis and extending the life of your teeth.
  • Root planing primarily involves scaling the root of the tooth. The root of the tooth is composed of cementum, which is softer than enamel. A smooth cementum lowers down the accumulation of bacteria and reduces the likelihood of formation of calculus.
  • Manual deep root cleaning is not your only option. You can also opt for ultrasonic scaling which uses high frequency vibrations causing the breakdown of the calculus and bacterial plaque.
  • Periodontal scaling and root planing will help remove deep pockets of calculus and bacteria and are an effective way to combat early-stage periodontitis at a fraction of the American prices.

Why go to Costa Rica?

The most attractive reason is the low scaling and root planing cost. Some of the other reasons for choosing SRP treatment in CR are:

  • Euromonitor claims that almost 90% of plastic surgery and dental work in Costa Rica is done on foreign tourists. Dentists in our network are not only well trained but also have many years of experience in treating foreign patients. This greatly reduces stress levels.
  • Easy dental appointments without waiting times, high health care standards, good infrastructure, expert doctors, and international standard equipment are fueling dental tourism in the country.
  • Perhaps, even more enticing is the chance to holiday in a tropical paradise. The pristine beaches, exotic wildlife, protected tropical rainforests, and beautiful mountain vistas will leave you feeling all rejuvenated. Visitors often end up staying longer than they had planned.
  • Most of the dental packages include all costs such as x-rays,Dental clinic in Costa Rica prosthesis, dentist’s fees, medications, etc and are still 50-70% cheaper than in the UK, the US, and Canada. For people without dental insurance, this deal can be a total money saver.
  • One can easily reach there by air from Canada and the US. Canadians and Americans do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica and can stay for three months.
  • It is a very safe country with the lowest crime rates in Latin America. The spirit of pura vida meaning “full of life” pervades this country.

San Jose is the capital and has the most modern hospitals and clinics, plus receives the lion’s share of dental tourists. Juan Santamaria International Airport is an international class airport located in San Jose. Chances are good that your city has a direct flight if you are living in Canada or the US. Depending upon the airline and the time of the year, there may be discount flights available for San Jose as well.

Precautions You Should Take

  • Check the clinic carefully before flying out. Phone or correspond by email with the dentists operating the clinic, or with your chosen dentist and ask him/her routine questions about your treatment.
  • Also, ask for the scaling and root planing cost  as no matter what dental procedure you will be undergoing, you will also need this preventative treatment.
  • Research and check online testimonials about particular clinics and hospitals or doctors. If there is a negative review, don’t hesitate to bring this up with the clinic or doctor.

Scaling and root planing is a treatment which you could easily arrange, without a long waiting period as in North America, while enjoying the many nearby tourist attractions.

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