The video shows Mark from Pennsylvania sharing his experience of getting root canal treatment in Costa Rica. This testimonial for root canal in Costa Rica may help dental tourists from countries with expensive dental care make up their minds about giving Costa Rica a shot.

Narration – “Well I’m from the States but I live in Costa Rica also. Well, they had some good comments out there when I started doing my normal clinic process here…

Well, I wouldn’t be here; you know what I mean…

I’m very impressed with the equipment and the clinic and everything. I found it much more modern, more modern, very good equipment and the fact that they have expert doctors for everything.

I think it’s a wonderful country, I love tourist features in a small place, I think Costa Rican are wonderful people, very hospitable “

Just like Mark, you too can take care of your dental needs while unwinding on a dental vacation to Costa Rica. For much less than cost of root canal in the U.S. you can kill two birds with one stone – one being the getting the root canal and the other being satiating your wander lust.

Find out how affordable root canal in Costa Rica could be by simply filling the form to your right. 

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