In this video, our Dental Implantologist talks about your stay in Costa Rica and how you can make the most out of your dental vacation in Costa Rica.

 Video Transcription

“As an average the patient will come to us so that he can stay close to ten days. And, I would to explain why ten days because usually people don’t understand and they think they are gonna be  ten days sitting on a dental chair and does not have work. Usually you will come and we will see you on day 1 or 2 depending on the day of the arrival. And, then we will see you may be 3 or 4 more times.

Those days have to do more with dental lab, that’s the time when we will need to create your new teeth and the time to build the whole new structure to be able to give you back your new natural teeth. Meanwhile, you have time, like I said to be able to go out and visit Costa Rica. One of the advantages of being in Costa Rica is that we are close by to every different…..if you want to go to a beach, if you want to go to the mountains, if you want to just watch a volcano, we have us easy as it sounds, you can actually visit all these places in your same visit.

But, at the same time you’ll go back with a beautiful smile and that’s what we are looking for.”

At our dental center in Costa Rica, we fabricate our own empress crowns using hi-tech technology. Watch another video in which our surgeon discusses the use of CAD/CAM technology for making dental crowns in Costa Rica.

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