The dental vacation packages offered by dental centers in Costa Rica  would provide an opportunity for many Americans and Canadians to benefit from dental services that are beyond their pocket’s reach back home.


Costs and Appointment

Here is a list of the prices of different dental procedures we offer along with the number of appointments required:

Porcelain veneers

Veneers for

1 tooth 6 teeth 8 teeth 12 teeth 16 teeth


US$350 US$1,995 US$2,450 US$3,150 US$3,850


Appointment 1

Appointment 2

Match shades for affected teeth Removal of temporary veneers
Removal of teeth enamel for making space for the veneers Checking the fitting of permanent ones
Taking tooth impression Matching the color
Attaching temporary veneers Attaching the permanent veneers with adhesive


Full mouth restoration with dental implants and fixed bridges

Implants 6 to 8 dental implants for the upper jaw 6 to 8 dental implants for the lower jaw Bridge Porcelain zirconium bridge/crowns Porcelain high noble metal bridge/crowns
Cost US$5100 – US$6800 US$5100 – US$6800 Cost US$9550 US$8975


For full mouth restoration with dental implants and fixed bridges patients will be required to make a second visit to Costa Rica after three months as the jawbone needs some healing time before placement of the fixed crowns/bridges.

First visit to Costa Rica

Appointment 1

Appointment 2

Appointment 3

Drilling holes for placement of implants Removal of the stitches and collar (after 10 days) Placement of the temporary crowns made of soft material
Placing the implants Impression is taken for making models of temporary crowns/bridge
A collar is used to cover the implant
Stitching of the gum tissue

Second visit to Costa Rica (After 3 months)

Appointment 1

Appointment 2

Removing the temporary crowns/bridge Attaching the final crowns/bridge on the abutment with adhesive or screw
Attaching an abutment or second component on the implant
Impression is taken for making final models of permanent crowns/ bridge


Root Canal Treatment (RCT) Package


Single tooth RCT (anterior, bicuspid, or molar) High noble metal porcelain crown Porcelain zirconium crown Full porcelain crown


US$275 US$325 US$350 US$350


1 sitting for RCT of front teeth 3 sittings for RCT of molars 1 sitting for fillings, attaching temporary crowns, impression taking for final crowns 1 sitting for attaching final crowns
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice. For the latest price, fill out the estimate-request form on the right.


What do Dental Costa Rica Packages Include?

These prices are inclusive of the following:


  • Dental surgeon’s fee
  • Laboratory charge
  • Complete oral evaluation
  • Panoramic x-rays
  • 3D dental tomography
  • Medication supplies (antibiotics, pain medication, and local anesthesia)
  • Occlusal guard
  • Temporaries
  • Post-procedure care and follow-up
  • Private transfers: airport–hotel–airport
  • Private transfers: hotel–clinic–hotel (if staying in one of our suggested hotels)

What else is included in the Package?

You can include anything from adventure sports to forest treks in your dental trip to Costa Rica and turn it into a thrilling Latin American exploration.

If you want more in the package, we can assist you with finding:

  • Cheap flights
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Local transportation

The possibility of a customized dental package for Costa Rica also facilitates the clubbing of various procedures together in a single payment plan. Thus, during the same trip you can schedule a teeth bleaching or scaling appointment after your dental implants are taken care of.

Once you are through with the research and have settled on a Costa Rican clinic to get your treatment in, get ready to embark on an exciting journey.

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