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Follow-up Care After Dental Work in Costa Rica

The video shows a cosmetic dentist from Costa Rica talking about the follow-up care that his clinic offers after you get dental work in Costa Rica.     Narration – “What’s very important for patients, you know, and the question that we receive are the most about guarantees, about follow-ups, what will happen in the […]

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Dental Trips to Costa Rica

Dental trips to Costa Rica are rising in popularity due to the availability of inexpensive dental treatments, minimal waiting periods, world-class clinics, and expert dentists in the Central American country. The quality of dental work in Costa Rica is comparable to that found in the leading hospitals and clinics in the United States but treatments […]

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Low Cost Dental Care in Costa Rica

This video shows a surgeon discussing about the low cost dental care in Costa Rica. Following is the video narration. “Basically I think Costa Rica, not only for the prices, it’s just still top ten countries to visit. We are closely a market which is Canadians and US. We are cultural behaviour or the way we see […]

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Dental Holiday in Costa Rica

Dental holiday in Costa Rica is a great value for money, as it means undergoing inexpensive dental procedures while enjoying an incredible tropical vacation. People, for whom a dental procedure or treatment in their native country can cost a fortune because of lack of health insurance, can avail low cost dental work in Costa Rica. […]

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