The video shows a cosmetic dentist from Costa Rica talking about the follow-up care that his clinic offers after you get dental work in Costa Rica.



Narration – “What’s very important for patients, you know, and the question that we receive are the most about guarantees, about follow-ups, what will happen in the case of eventuality of a problem or complication.


We’d like to say that we usually never have complications; we’ve been around this, medical tourism, for 5-6 years now. So the number of American patients that we receive is a lot. We’ll have to say that our level of complication is being kept to a minimum but in any dental or medical procedure, complications can always arise.


I give all my patients my personal phone number, I give them my personal e-mail; they can always be in communication with us. Guarantees of the work, for example, there is a guarantee on the material prosthetic …for example, crowns or veneers, the material per se has a guarantee of a full year, that means, if the crown breaks or anything like that happens, we’ll do the procedure free of charge.


The implants have a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer that means that if an implant is lost because of lack of retention with the bone or anything like that, that implant will be replaced free of charge. So it’s important to know that our communication is very good and with us we’re always open, our doors are open, our phones, you can contact us directly, if you want to speak directly to your dentist we’re available and we also guarantee our work, our level of complications has been minimum and we have plenty of references from American patients that can speak about the services that they receive and put in a good word for us.”


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