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Emax Dental Crowns in Costa Rica

The rising cost of dental work in the United States and Canada has left modern treatments out of the reach of many consumers. Traveling for dental work in Costa Rica is becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek cheaper alternatives to domestic clinics. Dental tourists can find considerable savings on the latest dental prosthetic technologies, such […]

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Zirconia Crowns in Costa Rica with CAD/CAM Technology

For many people, obtaining Zirconia Crowns in Costa Rica with CAD/CAM Technology represents an affordable method of restorative dentistry. A dental holiday in Costa Rica offers inexpensive treatments in an incredible location. However, saving money doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. Costa Rica provides a number of modern facilities encompassing wide dental expertise, and […]

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Making Dental Crowns Using CAD/CAM Technology

The video shows how Dental Surgeon uses the CAD/CAM technology to manufacture the in-house Dental Crowns in Costa Rica. Video Narration: “So it goes in here, what it does is it just reads that and the computer will build it and after the information is done the computer what it does is sends the information […]

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