The video shows how Dental Surgeon uses the CAD/CAM technology to manufacture the in-house Dental Crowns in Costa Rica.

Video Narration:

“So it goes in here, what it does is it just reads that and the computer will build it and after the information is done the computer what it does is sends the information to the machine here and out of this material goes in here it creates the crown. So the basic structure is done there and it goes back to the big over. Which is this, it’s been cooked there, it has to be more esthetic and it has to be with new technology. This is just to substitute the structure. Instead of doing it, it’s been done by this or doing. ”

Digital impressions are obtained by scanning, and mathematical calculations are applied to get the final restoration. The whole process involves reverse engineering.

Patients looking for traditional Dental Implants in Costa Rica may opt for CAM/CAM produced dental treatments.

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