Emax Crowns The rising cost of dental work in the United States and Canada has left modern treatments out of the reach of many consumers. Traveling for dental work in Costa Rica is becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek cheaper alternatives to domestic clinics.

Dental tourists can find considerable savings on the latest dental prosthetic technologies, such as Emax dental crowns, in Costa Rica.

What are Emax Dental Crowns?

Emax dental crowns are a proprietary form of ceramic crowns, which have been praised for strength, durability, and natural appearance. Like conventional crowns, Emax crowns can be used to cover a large cavity or to provide a more realistic appearance to a dental implant.

Zirconium vs. Emax Teeth Crowns

Many people who travel for all ceramic dental crowns in Costa Rica are tempted to opt for the slightly cheaper option of a zirconium crown. Both Emax and zirconium offer considerable strength and appearance advantages over conventional metal crowns. Zirconium crowns, however, have been reported to have an abrasive quality, which can contribute to problems with adjacent teeth. Whether you opt for zirconium or ceramic crowns in Costa Rica, you stand to save a lot of money.

About Dental Tourism to Costa Rica

Many people considering travel for Emax dental caps in Costa Rica have reservations about the quality of care they will receive. For the most part, dental clinics in Costa Rica are comparable to their US counterparts; Peter Greenberg of the AARP writes that “the vast majority of dentists in Costa Rica are well-trained and reputable.”

San Jose, the country’s capital and a major center of Costa Rican dentistry, has a wealth of dental clinics catering to foreign tourists. Many Americans and Canadians, who travel for Emax teeth crowns in CR, seek out dentists who have been trained abroad and speak English, ensuring that there is no language barrier to complicate their treatment.

How Much for Emax Crowns in San Jose, Costa Rica?

The cost of Emax crowns in Costa Rica is considerably lower than in the US or Canada, principally because of the country’s lower cost of living. Though prices vary according to the amount of work necessary, typically people who travel for dental crowns in Costa Rica can save as much as 60%.

Ceramic Emax dental crowns in Costa Rica are still more expensive than zirconium or other metal alternatives, though the overall costs savings of the procedure will offset the more expensive materials costs.

About Costa Rica

Anhinga Bird in Costa RicaWith the money you save on affordable Emax crowns in Costa Rica, spending some time to enjoy the country’s many tourist highlights is a great way to cap off your trip. Your trip for crowns, bridges, or dental implants in Costa Rica may include any of the following:

  • Zip lining over the lush jungle canopy of the Puntarenas Province
  • Lounging on the white sand beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Enjoying a coffee in Monteverde, a former Quaker village nestled high in the cloud forest
  • Taking a night hike up the base of the still-active Arenal volcano
  • Soaking in a natural hot spring in one of the country’s luxury resorts

Travel Tips

After receiving your Emax dental crowns in San Jose, Costa Rica, to see any of the above attractions, you will need to leave the capital. Here are a few quick tips to help you get around in Costa Rica:

  • Costa Rica’s currency is the Colon. ATMs are plentiful in the capital but may be harder to come by in smaller towns. Be sure to keep extra cash on hand, as few places accept credit cards.
  • Weather in Costa Rica varies greatly with the country’s diverse terrain. Be prepared for cold nights and rain as well as rich sunshine.
  • There are many options for getting around Costa Rica, from chartered airplane, to minivan, to the infamous ‘chicken buses’ found throughout Latin America. Which you chose depends on both your budget and your level of comfort.


According to the US National Center for Health Statistics approximately 45 million Americans under 65 lacked dental coverage as of 2008. Rotten, chipped, or broken teeth can, over time, become a major problem that will require more comprehensive treatment like a post-and-core or a dental implant, which is far more expensive. Getting Zirconium or Emax dental crowns, in Costa Rica, may just be the “stitch” you need to make “in time.”


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