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Is It Safe to have Dental Surgery in Costa Rica?

Owing to the high prices of dental procedures in the United States and Canada, many North Americans are now undertaking dental trips to Costa Rica for cheaper procedures. Costa Rica offers affordable dental procedures and is a tourist country, and therefore, is a perfect example of a dental tourism vacation. Places like San Jose, Montverde, […]

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Multilingual Staff at Dental Center – Costa Rica

This video talks about the multilingual staff at dental center in Costa Rica. Video Narration: “We Speak besides Spanish, we speak English and thus everybody speak Spanish and English, specially all the dentists and all of the staff that will be handling international patients and also myself I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese and we […]

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Dental Vacation in Costa Rica

This video talks about the Dental Vacation in Costa Rica. Video Narration: “Basically I think Costa Rica is not only for the prices it’s just top ten countries to visit. It is close by a markets which is Canadian and U.S. We are even though over lapping; we are cultural behavior or the way we […]

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Making Dental Crowns Using CAD/CAM Technology

The video shows how Dental Surgeon uses the CAD/CAM technology to manufacture the in-house Dental Crowns in Costa Rica. Video Narration: “So it goes in here, what it does is it just reads that and the computer will build it and after the information is done the computer what it does is sends the information […]

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