This video talks about the Flapless Dental Implants in Costa Rica. Flapless Implants involves less time, minimum bleeding and recovery of the patient is easier.

Video Narration:

“Well I will consider that flapless implants is done may be forty years ago I started doing it. A lot of people don’t agree on this for many reasons. First of all we have to understand that many of the implantologist are surgeons first and they like to really open everything and see everything from the inside. And part of justifying a lot of prices goes on top of the implants you have to do a surgery.

That makes it more expensive and that’s why people pay more for that, so some times they destroy more to let it heal for three or four months and then place the implant and later on they will place a crown. With OCO the medical implants that we are using from Mexico are the once we can actually place the implants and we take out minute and two and a half minutes, we can actually do it without surgery. So there are no stitches involved so the recovery of the patients is easier. We compare it little bit we like Laparoscopy.

So it makes it easier for the patient to recover, so we will have a patient feeling this comfort of the first twenty four hours may be feeling a little pressure on the area that we can actually manage it with a pain killers, anti inflammatory instead of just having the patient feeling back for a long time because we did have a big surgery going on. ”

Costa Rica is in Central America, so many Americans & Canadians looking for any dental work can take a dental trip to Costa Rica for its low cost high quality dental treatments.

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