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Gum Depigmentation Surgery

Concentrated deposits of melanin can make your gums, which are naturally pink, appear spotted and unattractive. If spotty, patchy  gums cause you to be reluctant to smile and are negatively affecting your self-esteem, gum depigmentation in Costa Rica could be the affordable dental solution that gets you smiling again. Dental work in Central America costs just […]

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Aesthetic Dentistry in Costa Rica

Do you cover your mouth when you smile because of irregular teeth? Are you tired of generic teeth whiteners? If you are looking for a smile and mouth makeover, it is time to go for aesthetic dentistry in Costa Rica. You can shed the discolored teeth, fix the gaps, and replace your missing teeth at […]

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Immediate Dentures in Costa Rica

“She laughs at everything you say. Why? Because she has fine teeth.” – Benjamin Franklin You may choose to laugh off the above quote, but you cannot miss the underlying message. Your teeth can give you the confidence to smile, or be your bane. You are beautiful, and you deserve to smile. As for the […]

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Orthodontist in San Jose – Costa Rica

Missed out on getting braces in your teen years? Rest assured—it is never too late to correct a crooked smile! Visiting an orthodontist in San Jose – Costa Rica may be an attractive option for patients seeking to improve their smiles without burning a hole in their pockets. Dental treatment in San Jose – Costa […]

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Emax Dental Crowns in Costa Rica

The rising cost of dental work in the United States and Canada has left modern treatments out of the reach of many consumers. Traveling for dental work in Costa Rica is becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek cheaper alternatives to domestic clinics. Dental tourists can find considerable savings on the latest dental prosthetic technologies, such […]

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