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Costa Rica Dentist Review

If you are contemplating low cost dental work in Costa Rica, you should consider looking for a Costa Rica dentist review. Whether you  are seeking to repair a tooth or desire a total smile makeover with dental implants in Costa Rica, it is important that you select a dentist who will best meet your needs […]

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Cost of Partial Dental Plates in Costa Rica

If you’re one of the millions of people who are missing teeth, you’ve probably considered getting some form of dental work. But if you  have minimal or no dental insurance, the cost can be prohibitive. Did you know the cost of partial dental plates in Costa Rica is a fraction of the cost in the […]

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Dental Plates in Costa Rica

Missing teeth can lead to dental complications and low self-esteem; however, receiving dental plates in Costa Rica provides one with a chance to replace missing teeth without breaking the bank. Dentistry in Costa Rica is on par with the standards of dental care found in the United States, resulting in an uptick in the number […]

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Snap on Dentures in Costa Rica

The New York Times in its October 2007 article by Alex Berenson reported that “in real dollars, the cost of the average dental procedure rose 25 percent from 1996 to 2004.” For many patients suffering from tooth loss due to age or disease, the high cost of dental procedures has meant forgoing necessary procedures or […]

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One-Trip Permanent Dentures in Costa Rica

 Are you tired of your old removable dentures coming loose at meals or slipping out of place in conversation? One-trip permanent dentures in Costa Rica might be your dental solution. Imagine never again having to worry about taking out and cleaning your dentures. No more pesky denture maintenance! Dental work in Costa Rica is gaining […]

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