This video shows a dental surgeon discussing CAD-CAM technology at his dental center in Costa Rica.

 Following is the video narration.

“Testing in the lab because now only what we did is, we now have better technology with the cad and better people working in the lab. We call them artists because basically those are the ones who are really creative your crown or really creating that natural look on your teeth that will replace. So making those artificial teeth look natural takes more than just knowledge. It takes to be an artist. So we have been hiring new people that are artists and those technicians that really create those smiles.

What we are giving them are the tools, especially the new technology that they can put in their behalf to be able to create better and good stuff. One of the machines that we are talking about is Cad-Cam, zirconium crowns that allow us to create through the computer those structure made of zirconium that are going to be stronger than the metal and more natural looking than the metal himself. Also by using the computer that made us to be more precocious and to make a better preparation on the crown…because the computer will only read the …so with that machine is not only giving you, giving better crowns to our patients, we are also becoming better dentists because of this making us become do a better job in a better preparation himself.

The price is going to be around hundred and something dollars in each crown and it has to do with the technology himself like I explained he has to do with the machine that is a really expensive machine. Actually I can tell you that only few countries around the world have machines like that in their office. And that way we have seen the new way dentistry is leading to – using less metal and making more natural looking teeth. So that allows us to be able to create and do better stuff for our group, to be able to have that technology inside our office and be able to have those technicians. Come, sometimes see the patients himself for them to be able…just seeing the patient himself. So its allowing us to give us a better structure and it’s going to be improving, especially aesthetics on the crown.

Basically with the technology especially in …we are saying that we are seeing a lot of changes in and a lot of new stuff coming up..Images are….even though it’s been there for almost 10-12 years….medical facilities or medical specialties. Dentistry has been maybe, I am not going to say left behind but we were just not that close to getting where we are now, so we are getting more information and with the…we can actually see an image that gives you all the perspective from the x-ray. We are not seeing one face of the bone. We are seeing the bone from behind and from up, from lower.

So we are able to see the reality of the bone because sometimes we are seeing an panoramic x-ray, we are just seeing the bone in the front part but not really bone on the backside. Now we are able to see how much bone, the density of the bone with this. That allows us and that tells us that the way we are placing implants with this new technology certifies better results especially that we are doing the technique or flapless, basically not doing any surgery on top of the implant so we are placing implants in less than two minutes.

So for the patient its less invasive and at the same time it has a better recovery. We have patients that will come in and we will do sixteen implants or twelve implants in forty minutes with basically no bleeding, no discomfort. So it’s easier for the patient for the recovery side and easy also for us to place more implants and we are gaining much better and the technology that we are getting from the images that we are getting from …. They are allowing us to have a better view even if we are doing surgery because we are seeing the bone from inside for a real way of seeing it.”

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