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Is It Safe to have Dental Surgery in Costa Rica?

Owing to the high prices of dental procedures in the United States and Canada, many North Americans are now undertaking dental trips to Costa Rica for cheaper procedures. Costa Rica offers affordable dental procedures and is a tourist country, and therefore, is a perfect example of a dental tourism vacation. Places like San Jose, Montverde, […]

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Dental Trips to Costa Rica

Dental trips to Costa Rica are rising in popularity due to the availability of inexpensive dental treatments, minimal waiting periods, world-class clinics, and expert dentists in the Central American country. The quality of dental work in Costa Rica is comparable to that found in the leading hospitals and clinics in the United States but treatments […]

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Implant Supported Porcelain Bridges Costa Rica

Every year thousands of overseas patients seek some sort of dental work in Costa Rica. Getting implant supported porcelain bridges in Costa Rica is an affordable solution for missing teeth. Dental tourism in Costa Rica is experiencing an upward trend, thanks to the rising costs of healthcare in the US. According to the International Council […]

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Dental Vacation in Costa Rica

This video talks about the Dental Vacation in Costa Rica. Video Narration: “Basically I think Costa Rica is not only for the prices it’s just top ten countries to visit. It is close by a markets which is Canadian and U.S. We are even though over lapping; we are cultural behavior or the way we […]

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Dental Surgeon on Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Costa Rica

This video shows a renowned dental surgeon talking about full mouth rehabilitation, Costa Rica. Following is the video narration. “The full mouth restoration basically is giving the patient to recover the precious smile. A lot of these patients, they are……and they lost their teeth a long time ago or few years ago. They are wearing […]

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