This video shows a renowned dental surgeon talking about full mouth rehabilitation, Costa Rica.

Following is the video narration.

“The full mouth restoration basically is giving the patient to recover the precious smile. A lot of these patients, they are……and they lost their teeth a long time ago or few years ago. They are wearing the dentures or we see a lot of them who are not even wearing a denture, basically eating with the gums so these patients are not only not smiling, not able to do a normal life or basically not eating. They are swallowing the food without chewing it and what they do is, they destroy their digestive system and they destroy their quality of life.

And just the way of not been able to smile will depress somebody or will change the quality of their life a lot, to the point that they, these people will end up not wanting to do anything. So what we do is that we change and we give them back the alternative of rediscovering the pleasure of smiling by placing implants and sometimes when they have their natural tooth but for many reasons either their teeth are not in the right place or missing one or two teeth or they are not just happy with their smile and people just end up not smiling anymore.

We give them the pleasure of; we give them the way of smiling again with the security that they are not going to feel embarrassed about it. So depending on the case we create something good and that’s natural as possible for the patient not only that… to have a great bite and be able to chew everything and at the same time have a beautiful smile.”

Full mouth restoration in Costa Rica can help the broken tooth get repair and have a proper bite alignment at a much affordable cost than what is offered by countries like the US and Canada. It is the major factor drawing more and more people to Costa Rica for dental implants, dental crowns, bridges, smile makeovers, and other dental procedures.

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