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Fundamentals of Full Mouth Restoration in Costa Rica

The video shows a leading prosthodontist talking about full mouth restoration. Costa Rica is quickly becoming the most favored destination for full mouth restorations, partly due to its human capital of well qualified prosthodontists and partly due to its charms of a world class tourism destination.     Narration – “will be when patients have […]

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Follow-up Care After Dental Work in Costa Rica

The video shows a cosmetic dentist from Costa Rica talking about the follow-up care that his clinic offers after you get dental work in Costa Rica.     Narration – “What’s very important for patients, you know, and the question that we receive are the most about guarantees, about follow-ups, what will happen in the […]

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Cosmetic Dental Expert in Costa Rica – Education & Experience

The video shows a leading cosmetic dental expert from Costa Rica discussing his education and experience and that of his staff. If you’re looking for affordable but genuine dental implants in Costa Rica, this prosthodontist is your man.   Narration – “Myself, I got my specialization in prosthodontics which is prosthetic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry […]

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Zygoma Dental Implants in Costa Rica

The video shows a leading prosthodontist explaining Zygoma dental Implants. Costa Rica, known for its natural beauty, is now catering to thousands of medical tourists in search for low cost but quality treatments. Of late, we’re finding many takers for dental vacations in Costa Rica.   Narration – “Zygomatic implant – it’s a longer implant, […]

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Multilingual Staff at Dental Center – Costa Rica

This video talks about the multilingual staff at dental center in Costa Rica. Video Narration: “We Speak besides Spanish, we speak English and thus everybody speak Spanish and English, specially all the dentists and all of the staff that will be handling international patients and also myself I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese and we […]

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