The video shows a leading prosthodontist talking about full mouth restoration. Costa Rica is quickly becoming the most favored destination for full mouth restorations, partly due to its human capital of well qualified prosthodontists and partly due to its charms of a world class tourism destination.



Narration – “will be when patients have poor condition of their own teeth, well the teeth can be restored, meaning a patient that has been grinding the teeth for many years, they have a lot of cavities, broken down teeth and they will need, in order to restore the bite and their smile, they will need a full set of crowns. It’s called full mouth rehabilitation…


And then, we have the cases that are more complicated and which go back to the…and we enjoy a lot to them because they’re very defined, which is the full mouth rehabilitation, where patient has no teeth or they need to have the remaining teeth extracted because of periodontal disease or with very poor condition that do not permit teeth to be restored.


A full mouth restoration over dental implants offers an array of options, and depending on the patient’s condition and patient’s expectation and depending on the patient’s budget as well, which is very important to consider.


The basic full mouth rehabilitation starts at removable dentures similar to the conventional dentures that a patient will use, with the advantage that it will have clasps, you will have female and male attachment in which you actually clasp that denture to the implant, and it will be a singular denture…but has the pallet is gonna be free of acrylic, so its gonna be less invasive, less plastic within the mouth, but also the retention that this denture has a thousand times compared to a the traditional denture.


So the type of foods that a patient can ingest, the satisfaction not having that the feeling that their teeth are always gonna come loose if they’re in the meeting or they’re in business, or they’re in a family, they have the confidence that their teeth are always gonna stay in place…whatever they want.


This is how it starts and we will place four implants either on the top or on the bottom jaw or on both. Then we have an option which is superior from the first option because it’s fixed, is not removable as the initial option. It’s the similar material because it’s also in acrylic material but it’s not removable again which requires 6 implants on the upper jaw and 5 implants on the lower jaw, we will do a gold bar that will attach all these implants together  and then we will do an acrylic screwing…on top of this.


And biggest option that we have, it’s the option that actually is the one that looks and works as good as natural teeth with the disadvantage that it needs more bone height, so it doesn’t apply for all the patients or best selling rehabilitation will be the middle option, the fixed hybrid dentures that we just discussed but the porcelain bridge which is the third option, it’s a great option but it doesn’t apply to all patients because it requires so much bone, it requires a lot of bone and it requires 8 implants on the top and 8 implants on the bottom, it’s great because the bridge is gonna be made of porcelain, the feel of them is gonna be just as natural teeth. And it has the advantage that the porcelain from all the three materials is the one that’s most resistant…and it’s a material that will keep its color overtime because it won’t stain…”


If you look at the complete picture, full mouth restoration in Costa Rica is also an opportunity to travel to this much vaunted to this tourist destination and see for yourself if it lives up to all that hype.


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