The video shows a leading prosthodontist explaining Zygoma dental Implants. Costa Rica, known for its natural beauty, is now catering to thousands of medical tourists in search for low cost but quality treatments. Of late, we’re finding many takers for dental vacations in Costa Rica.


Narration – “Zygomatic implant – it’s a longer implant, it’s an implant that is, actually, placed within the zygomatic bone and it will be placed on to the, all the way to the other bone where the teeth are placed.

So they’re longer implants that will have additional retention because it will retain itself to a longer, more stable bone, so this allows us to do almost in any case in patients that don’t have any bone, they need a lot of sinus lift and bone grafting procedures or wouldn’t need bone grafting procedures to place traditional implants, with zygomatic implants we can avoid having to do a traditional bone grafting procedure and on top of that we can also offer the patient immediate load possibilities almost in every case.”

It’s the low cost of dental care in Costa Rica that dental tourists are arriving in droves at its shore. What’s more, Costa Rica also doubles up as a fine holiday destination.

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