This video shows Charessa Lyle from Tyler, Texas talking about her dental implants in Costa Rica.


Following is the video narration.

“Charessa Lyle, Tyler, Texas. In my profession I do … hospital management in the department of surgery and I travel a lot and just so happened in this time I am off for the holidays. So I am enjoying being at home and resting.

Ever since I was a little girl, I come from a big family and I am number seven of eight children and so when you are from a big family you are looking at medical insurance and there would always be a time when I would go to the dentist’s office. It would start and then it would never finish so it would always go on and on until I would get…..and it was really different for me because this has been actually one of the dreams I have always wanted. It’s like a dream come true to me. I mean I feel like a totally, it’s like I went through metamorphosing like a butterfly and I am so free right now.

I can’t even tell you how happy I am. How it came about was that my husband and I were talking about, I always shared with him what one of my dreams would be. You know how some people say I want to g to Hawaii, I want to go to Australia, no I said I want my teeth because whenever I would go, I am always in front of people talking and someone told me that they would have never noticed my teeth but I am always looking at somebody else whose teeth, inside of my saying God I wish I had straight teeth, I wish I had straight teeth.

Then I knew my confidence level would go to another level if I did. And so when I found out about Costa Rica, my husband, he was looking in the newspaper, I think the travel newspaper and I think I was here in Texas actually, about medical and dental tourism. We both know how much it cost for dental work. In my travels I would go, I remember one time I had a toothache. I had to get a tooth pulled but that sucked up all of my medical insurance and I am like, Man. Then I would go there, everybody would tell me you need this done, you need that done and you need that done. By the time I am finished I said I am ….all women before it’s time that I get my dream.

And so how this happened was I was in, I just left an assignment in Chicago and I had what they call a flipper. I call that a flipper because it was a partial one tooth and I couldn’t stand it because I would have to take it off and when I looked in the mirror I am like, Oh my God and then one evening I got off work on a Friday. I was off on a Friday and I was sitting in the apartment where I was and my tooth fell out of my mouth. I had took it out, it fell out of my mouth and it splattered and I am sitting there.

And you know how  some women we can be ….I speak in front of people all the time, I said -Oh my God what am I going to do and so I was able to find a dentist the next day. How many people can find a dentist on a Saturday and how many people can fix a tooth like that on a Saturday. With my medical knowledge I said this person has to have a lab. So I went and what really got me was that I looked in the mirror and I was in tears and the dentist said, what is the matter? I said I can’t do this any more.

You know it was, it was so personal to me in a way that I saw myself on this 32 inch screen and I said is that what people look like, is that what they see when they look at me. And the dentist looked at me and he said you know what; you really want this, don’t you. I said I really do, I really do. He was able to fix the tooth, to make a long story short, he was able to fix the tooth, I went home, I called my husband and we were saying …God that he was able to do that.”

Charessa also discusses why she considered Costa Rica for dental Implants. With an affordable cost of dental treatment in Costa Rica , skilled surgeons, no wait times and cutting edge technology at the dental clinics, it has becomes the preferred destination for many for their dental treatment.

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