Two sisters Selena and Jo from New Jersey, USA came to Costa Rica to get their dental work done. This is their fourth trip together to Costa Rica and they are extremely happy about their decision on coming to Costa Rica for dental work.


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Video Transcription

“Hi, my name is Selena Imgrund and my name is Jo Lewis. I live in Newark, Jersey in the town called Bluefield which is ten miles south of New York City.”

“And, I live in South Jersey. I live in Pennsauken Jersey which is near Philadelphia. I am a registered nurse. “

Have you been treated at our Costa Rica clinic earlier?

Selena Imgrund

“This is my fourth visit. I’ve had dental procedures done at each visit and this is a part of my treatment plan. “

Jo Lewis

“I’ve been accompanying my sister who originally started a dental process and I’ve come here for total, this is the fourth trip that we’ve made and on the second trip I had decided to have a dental work done for myself and I fulfilled that desire and had it done. “

What made you chose dental tourism in Costa Rica?

Selena Imgrund

“I was in new broadcast and I saw where they mentioned dental tours and medical tours. And, when I heard the dental it piqued my interest because I’ve been having some problems with my teeth and it was at a point where I needed to make really hard decisions about what direction I was going to go in. And, it was very promising and as a result of that I went online and did some research and I thank god that I crossed Dr. Bonilla’s Clinic, The New Smile Clinic, and decided to make contact with him and it’s been a wonderful decision.”

Jo Lewis

“And also my sister, when she had given me the information about what she had discovered. One of the big pluses she found was that Dr. Bonilla with her…… is the first internationally accredited dental clinic. So, since we have been coming we have met many people from the United States as well as people around the world who have come here to have dental processes completed and everyone has been so thrilled and happy. “

How easy was the process and communication?

Selena Imgrund

“The process was very smooth and easy and I don’t speak Spanish. The person that I was in contact with spoke English, corresponding with me in English I should say. It was a very easy process. The entire sheet provided explanations about what needed to be done. It was very simple and I just had to follow the curriculum and it was a very smooth and easy procedure. “

Here’s another video of our client Charessa Lyle who shares her dental implants experience in Costa Rica.

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