Empress crownsEmpress crowns are aesthetic tooth-colored dental crowns that combine well with a person’s original teeth. These crowns are made of all-ceramic and metal-free materials, which give them a translucent quality similar to natural tooth enamel. The aesthetic appeal of these teeth caps make them an excellent fit for anterior teeth.

The high quality of materials used and the significantly lesser cost of dental crowns in Costa Rica are two top reasons why they are highly favored by dental tourists, especially Americans and Canadians who have an added advantage of close proximity and ease of travel.

Cost of IPS Empress Caps in Costa Rica

Getting empress tooth crowns fixed can be quite expensive in developed countries, such as the US and Canada, but by heading to Costa Rica one may be able to save considerably on his/her metal-free crowns. Dental tourists here can expect to save 50% or higher on their empress tooth caps procedure.

Speaking in terms of actual figures, empress crowns can be fitted for as low as $400 to $600 in Costa Rica.  In the US, the cost of similar tooth caps can range from $900 to $ 1500.

Our network dental clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica also offers fixed-price treatment packages that cover additional expenses such as travel, accommodation, consultations, medications, and follow-up charges. It is also possible to arrange inexpensive custom-made dental packages to cater to your requirements.

Empress Crowns – Benefits

  • IPS Empress crowns are made of leucite ceramic, which give them a translucent quality similar to natural tooth enamel.
  • The non-metal substructure makes them ideal for people allergic to metal.
  • Less tooth reduction is required for placing these crowns as they are thinner than crowns made of other materials.
  • Their biocompatibility gives them an excellent fit over the reduced original teeth.
  • These highly strong and durable tooth restorations can endure wear and tear like natural teeth enamel.
  • Since these crowns have low thermal-conductivity, there is much less sensitivity to hot and cold.

Dental Surgeons for Empress Tooth Crowns

Our American Dental Association (ADA) accredited network clinic in San Jose employs highly skilled dental surgeons who have received training in a wide range of dental specialties such as endodontics, prosthodontics, implantology, and cosmetic dentistry.

They frequently participate in dental seminars and conferences in both Costa Rica and the US, in order to keep abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry and the medical field in general. They are adept in handling dental materials, instruments, digital X-rays, panoramic software, and CAD/CAM system.

Since these dentists deal with patients from First World countries, such as the US, the UK, and Canada, on a regular basis, they are accustomed to such patients’ demands of high standard care and sterilization measures.

They can speak English fluently and can explain each and every step in detail during diagnosis and the performance of the actual procedure.

Those people who still have reservations about getting the flaws in their tooth corrected at the hands of foreign dentists can go through testimonials of dental patients from abroad who had successfully undergone dental treatment in Costa Rica with our assistance.

Affiliations of Costa Rican Dentists

  • Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica (Association of Dental Surgeons of Costa Rica)
  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

Empress Caps  – The Drawbacks

  • These tooth caps have low fracture strength and can break when subjected to heavy biting or stress.
  • Their low fracture strength makes them unsuitable for posterior teeth.

 How much Time required for IPS Crowns?

Lounge of a Costa Rica dental clinicThe restoration usually takes two to three weeks to be completed. A temporary crown will be in place while the other crown is fabricated; later it will be cemented to the tooth for permanent restoration.

How many Trips to be made to the Dentist’s office?

Usually, getting empress tooth caps require two visits to the dentist:

  • On the first visit your dentist would reduce the tooth to the required level and then take an impression of it. Thereby, he/she will cover it with a temporary crown.
  • On your second visit, the temporary crown would be replaced by the newly-made empress cap.

How long will they last?

With regular dental visits and proper oral hygiene, ceramic empress tooth caps can last over 15 years. Proper dental care includes avoiding foods and beverages that can stain teeth over time. Smoking is definitely a no-no not only for dental aesthetics, but also for overall health care.

According to a 5-year clinical evaluation conducted by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI) in 2010, the fracture rate (per year) for IPS empress all-ceramic crowns was estimated to be 5 in every 1,000 crowns for incisors, 7 in every 1,000  for premolars, 12 in every 1,000 crowns for canines, and 16 in every 1,000 crowns for molars.

To ensure durability, avoid exerting too much pressure on those teeth which have empress caps fitted on them.

Eating Normally after Getting Empress Caps

Usually, the procedure would result in a minor inflammation which would last for two to three days, and it will take that much time for your bite to return to normalcy. It is recommended that you have soft solid food for a few days after getting your empress crowns to enable them to settle properly in place before chewing all kinds of food.

As mentioned earlier, an advantage of opting for empress caps is that their biocompatible nature gives them a proper fit, allowing you the comfort of chewing with real-like teeth soon after the procedure.

If there is any uneasiness or feeling of pressure while biting, you should consult your dentist immediately for adjusting the crowns or getting the surface of the crown leveled properly.

Do they have Aesthetic Appeal?

The all-ceramic crowns have a great esthetic appeal similar to your original teeth. They are especially suitable for anterior teeth, where aesthetics are more important.

Also, with your glistening teeth crowns adorning your mouth, you will be able to speak with ease and display your smile with confidence.

A short trip to Costa Rica can buy you affordable empress crowns and you can totally have your chewing ability restored and oral health improved – minus the financial stress.

Your visit should not be confined to simply getting a tooth cap in Costa Rica. Dental tourists keen on having some fun should go on and explore this tropical country and make some memorable memories there.

Potential clients for empress crowns can contact us for Costa Rica travel related assistance.


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