A beaming dental implant Costa Rica patientWhile contemplating on whether to get dental implants in Costa Rica or not, it is very important to collect as much information as you can before making any decisions. Sometimes, getting dentists’ CVs and knowing their qualifications is not enough.

This is why we encourage clients to collect Costa Rica dental implant reviews from previous patients who have been treated by these dentists. Doing this gives clients the most important perspective of all – that of a person who has experienced the same process that they are contemplating on undergoing themselves.

How to Get Feedback from Costa Rica Implant Patients?

Below are some tips on how to get feedback from previous patients:

  • Go online and search for online forums where people exchange stories about the various stages of their own dental implants in Costa Rica experience – from planning, traveling, arriving, getting the procedure done, to the time they get back home.
  • Ask your family members and friends who might have similar experiences, or those who may have started to research about the prospect of going to Costa Rica for dental work. They may have already collected information that you can use too.

The verdant countryside in Costa RicaAlthough the things mentioned above are pretty easy to do, below is how we can help you get the research done without you having to do much.

  • Fill out the form on our website and indicate the procedure you are interested in – in this case, dental implants. In an hour’s time you will receive a quote for dental implants in our various Costa Rica dental centers.
  • Review the email we send you – it will be full of clinic and dental surgeon information that will be able to help you choose the one for you.
  • Once you have picked the clinic(s) you want, just email us back to ask for patient testimonials for Costa Rica dental implant centers in that location.

Patient Experiences from Costa Rica Dental Implant Trip

There are videos of patients discussing how horribly they felt about not having a perfect smile, and about how they wanted to fix their teeth because they needed the extra confidence boost.

Charessa Lyle, a previous patient who is from Tyler, Texas, had always said to herself, “God I wish I had straight teeth, I wish I had straight teeth.” 

Finally, when one of her teeth fell out, she decided to research and came across our website. She asked for the information, and was connected to one of our partner dental clinics in Costa Rica. They helped her with the process of sending over her X-rays and dental reports until she was finally scheduled for the procedure.

Charessa seems to have had a nice dental trip, as she provides a very positive feedback for Costa Rica dental implants. She discusses why she chose Costa Rica for the dental implant surgery, and how quickly the trip was arranged for her.

Some previous clients, with their pleasant dental trip experiences, are willing to talk to other people who might need extra encouragement to go to Costa Rica for dental work. Those who need to hear some Costa Rica dental implant reviews must look for them thoroughly and decide on the treatment only after they are completely sure.



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