For patients looking for a superior substitute to conventional dentures and a quicker alternative to complex bone grafting procedures, getting zygoma implants in Costa Rica can be an option worth pondering over.With the cost of dental care in countries such as the USA zygoma-implants-in-costa-rica and Canada almost hitting the stratosphere, it has dawned on people to look away from their own shores for undergoing treatments in order to save money.

Getting easy on the pocket, quality dental work in Costa Rica is becoming increasingly popular with the Americans and the Canadians who cannot afford the exorbitantly priced dental treatments in their home countries.

What is a Zygoma Implant?

  • A zygoma implant is an elongated implant inserted underneath the cheekbone to prop up a whole set of replacement teeth.
  • Zygomatic implants are suitable when the upper jaws are deficient in bones (a condition also known as bone resorption).
  • Patients who don’t make good candidates for getting conventional All-on-Four implant procedures are suitable for zygoma implants.
  • Zygomatic implants do away with the need of grafting.
  • As per the study Rescue implant concept: the expanded use of the zygoma implant in the graftless solutions by Edmond Bedrossian published in the May 2011 edition of the Atlas of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America, in case of failure of an implant in an All-on-Four procedure, zygoma implant placement serves as a salvaging procedure and eliminates the need for resorting to removable dentures.

Why Opt for Zygoma Dental Implants in Costa Rica?

  • The cost of zygoma implants in Costa Rica is lower than in the States, Canada, the UK, and other developed countries of North America and West Europe.
  • Zygoma implants and regular dental implants in Costa Rica come with a low price tag chiefly due to the low cost of living in the Central American country.
  • There are a number of state-of-the-art dental clinics and hospitals in Costa Rica. The country is also home to three JCI-accredited medical centers.
  • The quality of dental work including dental implantation and full mouth restoration in Costa Rica’s reputable hospitals and clinics is comparable to that found in the medical facilities of the US and Canada.
  • Costa Rica is home to a number of renowned names in the field of dentistry.
  • As per the Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine (PROMED), nearly 80 percent of the doctors and surgeons in Costa Rica have received education in the US or Europe.
  • Most of the good hospitals and clinics have English-speaking staff.
  • For the Americans and Canadians, traveling to Costa Rica for dental implants tantamounts to lower travel time and costs.
  • Post treatment, you can invigorate your senses ingesting the sights and sounds of Costa Rica.
  • The Latin American country is a popular destination among those having wanderlust because of its beautiful tropical beaches, rain forests, and volcanoes.

Cost of Zygoma Implants in Costa Rica

  • scenic-view-in-costa-ricaAs mentioned earlier, dental treatments in Costa Rica do not burn a huge hole in the pocket, unlike in First World countries.
  • Even when the costs related to in-country transportation and hotel-stay are added, it will still be cheaper getting zygomatic implants in Costa Rica than in the opulent countries of North America and Europe.
  • Nonetheless, if you intend to double up your dental trip as a vacation don’t forget to take into account the holiday expenses along with the cost of zygoma dental implant in Costa Rica.

Travel Tips for Costa Rica

  • The emergency number of Costa Rica is 911.
  • The Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría located some 17 km (11 mi) from San Jose is the international airport of Costa Rica.
  • Besides the Juan Santamaría Airport, the Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia (104 mi/167 km from San Jose) too receives flights from the US.
  • When in Costa Rica, do not let your guard down – be wary of pickpockets.
  • Avoid placing money and valuables in back pockets. Do not flash your cash.
  • Plan your trip during the winter months from December to early March if you want to avoid the sweltering heat of Costa Rica. However, the months from December to February also mark the on-season in Costa Rica and see the influx of large numbers of travelers.

Because of their being affordable, zygoma implants in Costa Rica are a fantastic option for people who lack the financial resources to pay for the prosthetics in their home countries.


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