Straumann implants in Costa RicaMost North Americans do not have dental insurance and this makes getting dental implants expensive. They, however, can get a solution for  missing teeth by getting Straumann implants in Costa Rica for a fraction of the cost in Canada or the US, plus enjoy a holiday in a gorgeous tropical paradise.

And after all this, still save money! Rising dental costs and long waiting times for dental appointments are causing many to look elsewhere for major dental treatments such as implants and bridges.

Since it’s easily accessible by air from most major North American cities, Costa Rica becomes the destination of choice of many Americans and Canadians. One can still save money even with the added cost of flying and hotels. 

What are Straumann Implants?

  • Straumann implants are a Swiss tooth replacement product. They are used to replace individual teeth to support multi-unit bridges, and to attach fixed or removable full dentures.
  • Straumann soft tissue level implants are partly inserted through the gums. This simplifies the procedure and offers more flexibility with minimal components, thus reducing complexity.
  • Straumann bone level implants are fully inserted into the jawbone for an optimal aesthetic solution.
  • The Straumann implant system offers long term and aesthetic tooth replacement solution at a reasonable cost.

 Why go to Costa Rica?

  • The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) states that 45 million Americans do not have dental insurance and even those
    who do, have such low coverage levels that they often cannot afford proper treatment. In Canada, the situation is worse because the waiting lines are said to be longer.
  • Implant prices in Costa Rica are much lower than the rates charged in North America, making it possible for more people to get good treatment.
  • Smoke billowing out of a volcano in Costa RicaOne can choose from a plethora of attractive dental tourism packages. Dental tours can be arranged quickly with no long lineups for appointments, so you can get your teeth implants done speedily. If you are pressed for time, same day implants can also be arranged.
  • Majority of our network dentists speak English and have years of experience treating foreign patients. Furthermore, the hospitals and clinics providing Straumann implants in Costa Rica are equipped with the latest facilities and follow international standards of cleanliness and health.
  • You can experience an exotic holiday with wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful beaches, rainforests, and mountains after getting your dental work.
  • CR’s geographical proximity to the United States and Canada makes it a suitable dental tourism destination for Canadians and Americans. San Jose, the capital, is easily accessible by air from major American and Canadian cities.

Things to Note

  • Read up on dental implants procedure so you know what questions to ask the clinics and dentists.
  • How much are dental implants in Costa Rica? Make sure you have a solid answer to this question before you fly out. You need to make sure that it is still worth going there even after adding return air-fare.
  • Read testimonials and talk to anybody you know who has taken a dental vacation to Costa Rica.
  • Make sure that the clinic or hospital has been accredited by well-know dental associations.
  • Make sure your dentist is certified by relevant boards and authorities.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of having dental implants with your chosen dentist.
  • Discuss follow-up procedures in case of some problem later with the implant.

You can have Straumann implants in Costa Rica for a fraction of North American prices and enjoy a memorable holiday in one of the world’s most diverse eco-tourism destinations. Appointments can be quickly and easily made. Look forward to flashing that brand new smile after you get your missing teeth replaced with teeth implants.


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