Teeth bone graft in Costa RicaFor those who have suffered from jaw bone loss due to a dental injury or periodontal disease, teeth bone grafting can help restore and preserve the bone. While this procedure can be expensive in the United States and Canada, teeth bone graft in Costa Rica is one of the many low cost options one can choose from.

Dental treatment in Costa Rica does not come with an exorbitant price tag that will make your jaws drop. On the contrary, getting a bone graft surgery and teeth implants in Costa Rica to restore your smiles can actually be the best bang for your buck.

Obtaining treatments abroad is becoming increasingly popular, with over 6 million Americans estimated to have traveled overseas for medical attention in 2010, according to PROMED, a medical organization in Costa Rica.

Despite the inexpensive price tag, teeth bone grafting in Costa Rica is of quality comparable to that found in the United States and Canada. Patients in Costa Rica are cared for by expert dentists in world-class clinics.

Teeth Bone Grafts – Fact File

Before you head to avail teeth bone graft in Costa Rica, here is a quick one on what the procedure entails:

  • Teeth bone grafts are performed on patients who have suffered from jaw bone loss and wish to repair and preserve the bone.
  • Bone grafting is common in dental implant procedures. If there is not enough bone to support the implant, the dentist will perform a bone graft.
  • There are three types of teeth bone grafts: autogenous (transplanted bone is taken from patient), allograft (transplanted bone is synthetic), and xenograft (transplanted bone is taken from bovine).
  • Dental bone grafting is also referred to as teeth bone grafting, bone augmentation, bone fillers, and jaw bone grafting.
  • Bone grafts take about six months to heal. Patients may be required to wait a month to wear dentures if the dentures are positioned on or near the bone graft.
  • The success rate for teeth bone grafting is very high among patients who do not smoke or have existing medical conditions that may cause the bone graft to fail.

Why Opt for Dental Bone Grafting in Costa Rica?

  • With the rising costs of healthcare, the price of dental work is a significant factor for many patients. Dental procedures, such as teeth bone grafting in Costa Rica, are available at a much lower price than in the United States, allowing patients to get treated without burning holes in their pockets. Majestic Arenal volcano - Costa Rica
  • The lower price of a jaw bone graft in Costa Rica does not mean the quality of treatment that you receive there will be substandard. In fact, Costa Rica dentistry standards are comparable to those of the United States.
  • Even after taking into consideration the cost of lodging and food, the overall dental bone graft cost in Costa Rica will still be quite affordable compared to its cost in the developed countries of the world.
  • Whereas some countries may have considerably long waiting lists, one does not have to wait long to undergo a dental bone graft procedure in Costa Rica.
  • Bone augmentation for dental implants in Costa Rica is performed by caring, expert dentists who can easily communicate with you about your needs. As majority of the reputable dentists who perform dental bone graft surgery in Costa Rica speak English, you do not have to worry about facing language barriers.
  • One aspect many overseas patients like about getting medical treatment abroad is the opportunity for a vacation. During their dental holiday in Costa Rica, many of them enjoy exploring the country’s national parks, participating in water sports, laying out on the beaches, or simply jiving to Latino music at the nightclubs.

Traveling to Get Dental Bone Fillers in Costa Rica – Handy Tips

  • Before traveling for bone grafts for dental implants in Costa Rica, make sure to thoroughly research your dentist and dental clinic of choice. It is helpful to search online for patient testimonials and reviews.
  • You should only use official taxis when in Costa Rica. An official taxi is red and marked with a triangular sticker. Also, look for a box on top of the taxi that lists the name and phone number of the company.
  • You must have a valid passport in order to enter Costa Rica.

Obtaining a teeth bone graft in Costa Rica is an inexpensive way to repair jaw bone loss. One could get a dental bone graft along with implants in Costa Rica to replace missing teeth.

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