This video shows Charessa Lyle from Tyler, Texas talking about why she selected Costa Rica for dental implant surgery.


Following is the video narration.

“I started thinking about Costa Rica because I was looking online and I was trying to find some videos and I came across Costa Rica. And there were videos on there about showing the befre and after and I said “Oh God”, I guess my teeth are not that bad, you know if they can do that. So what happened was I went online, I saw medical tourism and I said what does it take, I am one of those type of people if I am focussed, I am going for it. I went online and I saw medical tourism and I saw the things that they needed. They needed a   treatment plan and they also needed x-rays.

I had them both. I just had it. I just paid for it which was about 370 -389 dollars to get a flipper fixed and alos my x-rays. So the next day I went, I asked if I can have a copy. I was so driven. I went to the post office in a cab. I didn’t care what it would cost. I got the information from, I can’t remember the women’s name the time, Bianca, her name is Bianca. And she was so sweet.

I mean it was like this is what I am supposed to be doing so she told me, gave me the address, I sent it off and I said how long will this take and so you know, it was like, when you have a dream you have to be obedient, no matter what it looks like because I thought it’s got to be something better than this. After seeing those videos and those pictures, I said ok. I sent it off and I was waiting. I told my husband. He was like you did what? I said –yes I did.

Now in the real world out here in United States there are not too many people who are going to think about going to another country because you go to another country, who’s gonna do this, there’s always……. And that blocks to your blessing. It really does but I had a dream, I sent it off, I waited a while, may be about a week or so or 2 weeks and I called Bianca and she checked on it right away.

She put me in contact with Melina. Melina is the person that you will speak to. I guess she would be the dental advisor and my God when I talked to her I was in tears. It was just like this spiritual connection and she said to me, something I will never forget – God wants you to have a smile and I broke down in tears because I knew me prayers were answered and so she sent me all the information and she said we want to set up dates.

By the way I was in Chicago waiting on this assignment to finish so she sent me all these different dates and I looked at October, 11 days. I said in 11 days? So she was very prompt in giving me all the information of what I needed. I did my arrangements for my flight, for my husband and I said I am about to go, get my miracle.”

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