This video shows a leading dental implant surgeon from Costa Rica talking about porcelain veneers, also called smile veneers.

Following is the video narration.

“We have, we are using a new product that is called smile veneers and its something similar to what everybody knows as lumineer and what it is basically a veneer that is going to be a small layer of porcelain that is going to be on top of your front teeth, upper and lower, depending on how your smile looks and what you want to change. But the great thing about this is basically it’s, we do it in two visits. We don’t have to wear out or damage your natural tooth.

We don’t touch the tooth itself…..what we do first is, we do a … then we take an impression and then we cement, the veneer on top of your natural tooth. So it doesn’t have a permanent….what happens is if you decide in 5-10 years to take the veneer out, your tooth will be same as it was before because we don’t use any..we don’t touch your teeth, there is no damage,its painless so we don’t have to do any needles  and that’s what people like.

A lot of people are just afraid of fixing their smile, looking for that Hollywood smile but they don’t want to damage their teeth. They don’t want to grind their teeth, so we don’t grind them. Basically what we do is we make them beautiful and especially for the people that have spaces in between their teeth or there are teeth that are not symmetrical and either they are too small or their….is too short and they want to change it. So we are able do it without damaging the tooth itself.

The first…the patient comes in, we take measures, we choose the color, the same day we actually do a …because there are patients …and they want to change their color, they are looking for a better shade in the color. So we choose that shade, we take an impression and then five days later we place the crowns, the veneers on the top. So its only 2 visits.

When I say two visits, 2 visits not to the country, 2 visits to the clinic so if somebody comes for a week, they are able to travel inbetween and the great thing about it is there is no pain.

It’s pain the dentist especially for everybody who had a terrible fear about coming to a dentist, either they fear the….himself or they fear the needles. So there’s no needles, no damage to the tooth so people keep their natural tooth, only they are going to look more beautiful and they are going to recover the smile they always wanted.”

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