After Teeth in One Day in Costa RicaThe prospect of getting an affordable dental trip in an alluring destination is pushing Costa Rica dentistry as one of the top choices for North American patients for dental tourism. Due to the increasing interest in quality dental care for lower prices, trips to get replacement teeth in one day trip to Costa Rica are getting a lot of attention.

Dental implants are now considered the best option to replace missing teeth, and according to The International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants, their success rate is at around 75%.

Same Day Dental Implant Trip to Costa Rica

Same day dental implants, also called immediate load dental implants, do not actually mean you only spend a day in Costa Rica. It is important to note that the term “same day” means that placement of actual implants requires a visit of less than an hour to a few hours, depending on what has to be done. In Costa Rica, immediate load dental implants usually require a trip of around 11 days on average.

Why Consider a Dental Trip to Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica is able to offer very low prices for dental procedures. For instance, for the actual dental implant procedure and post-procedure care, patients may realize that they have only spent around half of what they would have paid if they got implants in the US or Canada.
  • Because Costa Rica is ramping up their medical tourism industry, dental centres have international patient care departments that make your trip a productive and comfortable one. The staff members of our centres that provide quality dental work in Costa Rica can converse in English and are used to dealing with other nationalities that come to their country for dental work.
  • For people travelling to get one day dental implants in Costa Rica, the clinic will help with any arrangements that clients may need for hotel accommodation and transportation services.
  • Work with aA Scenic View in Costa Rica reputable dental tourism agency that is connected to the best facilities in the world. They will be able to give you a wealth of information regarding Costa Rica dental implant packages and discounts from the best dental centres in various locations.
  • Prepare your medical history and other dental reports from your local dentist. Once you choose a clinic, you will be asked to send these documents so that the dentist is able to evaluate your case and make proper recommendations. For example, there are a lot of alternative procedures available in Costa Rica that you might qualify for, and the dentist will be able to give you those options once he gets to study your dental reports.
  • Research about the places you want to visit while in Costa Rica and take advantage of their beautiful tourist spots. A trip to San Jose may not be complete without going to their amazing beaches for some quiet time.

Tips for Visiting Costa Rica for Same Day Implants

Getting replacement teeth in one day trip to Costa Rica does not mean you have to limit your trip to just one day. The low cost of dental implants in Costa Rica allows many dental tourists to engage in lots of other activities for an unforgettable holiday. Many tourists opt to stay for a few weeks in order to soak in their amazing culture and to bask in their warm tropical sun. Costa Rica is a perfect destination that makes many dental holidays what they should be: safe, fun, and memorable.

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