False Tooth Pegs in Costa Rica - ResultIf you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to keep your dentures in place, then get false teeth pegs in Costa Rica instead of feeling guilty spending your savings to have a nice set of teeth.

Many Americans and Canadians prefer cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica because of its excellent prices, going as low as only a third to a tenth of what they will have to pay if they choose to have it in their country of origin. This can be proven by statistics from Euromonitor that reveal that about 90% of cosmetic dentistry services in Costa Rica are being offered for foreign patients.

Patients can look forward to getting high quality false dental pegs in Costa Rica despite the low prices. Medical services in Costa Rica are of high standards as a part of the country’s effort to become one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Costa Rica the 36th of 191 countries in terms of health care quality.

Types of False Teeth Pegs in Costa Rica

  • If you are looking for a more durable and permanent replacement for your teeth, then dental implants in Costa Rica can offer you just that at reduced prices. High-quality false teeth implants in Costa Rica can be your best relief against the discomfort of wearing dentures that do not fit properly.
  • You can also opt for pegs to keep dentures in place in Costa Rica instead of spending more on dental implants. If all you want is to take care of loose and ill-fitting dentures, then the more affordable fake teeth pegs in Costa Rica will suffice.
  • You can choose to be fitted with metal pegs for dentures in Costa Rica for teeth retention. Just make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to metals.
  • You can also elect to get titanium pegs for dentures in Costa Rica. They are more expensive, but titanium is stronger yet lighter than other non-precious alloys.

Why You Should Get Denture Pegs in Costa Rica

  • The foremost advantage: affordability. The cost of false teeth pegs in Costa Rica is just a fraction of the prices charged in the developed countries. You can go for mini dental implants in Costa Rica or any kind of dental work and still find the prices very cheap, yet quality is never sacrificed. In addition to getting denture pegs, you can have any major dental work like a full mouth restoration in Costa Rica without spending a fortune.
  • Most renowned doctors in Costa Rica have trained at reputable institutions abroad for years.
  • The leading hospitals and clinics in Costa Rica have state-of-the-art dental equipment and supplies and many are accredited by the Joint Commission International.
  • Quite a few of the Costa Rican doctors and medical staff are bilingual and are used to accommodating foreign patients.
  • Unlike in the UK or Canada, Costa Rica has shorter waiting times.

Sightseeing With Getting False Dental Pegs in Costa Rica

Don’t waste your chance to experience the beauty and wonder of Costa Rica. Extend your stay in Costa Rica and visit some of the country’s top tourist destinations, including:

  • San Jose – Spain Park, Morazan Park, National Theater, San Jose Museums
  • Monteverde – Butterfly Garden, Sky Walk, Ceramics Center Gallery, Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve
  • Liberia – Agonia Church, Liberia Art Center
  • Jaco Beach

Dental Travel in Costa Rica – Useful Tips

Splendid View of a Volcano in Costa RicaHere is some handy information for those contemplating availing false dental pegs in Costa Rica:

  • American and British nationals do not need a visa to stay in Costa Rica for up to three months.
  • Avoid traveling to Costa Rica during the rainy season between May and November as flooding and landslides can occur.
  • To avoid becoming a victim of crime, refrain from wearing jewelry or carrying large amounts of cash on you.
  • If you decide to travel by bus, avoid putting your bags in overhead compartments.
  • Ride official taxis only. They are red taxis with a triangular sticker and plastic box on the roof where the name and number of the company are written.


After going through the numerous upsides as listed above, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist’s mind to figure that false teeth pegs in Costa Rica are a viable way to keep those dentures in place without spending a fortune.

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