The video shows a patient from Florida reviewing the quality of root canal in Costa Rica. The patient intends to get dental implants next to make the most of his dental vacation to Costa Rica.

Narration – “My name is Mike Green and I’m having a lot of dental work done due to a periodontal problem that’s been ongoing for some time. Most of my periodontal problems…cleared up. I still have some implant work to be done; hopefully, that’ll be more or less completed by the end of my stay.

…although from UK originally. I look through medical tourism online; it seems like cheaper option. We found prices in the USA generally double or thereabouts in comparison to the prices here for exactly the same treatment and not necessarily better quality and establishments either, I mean the building here is actually very nice and much more comfortable than some local buildings in Pennsylvania, so I’m happy to be here.

I’ve got seven implants on the front teeth and I’m having them crowned on this occasion but they also put the implants in there.

Good, good. I haven’t travelled around very much yet so it was really for me certainly that the people are warm and friendly, I haven’t had any problems or incidents. And I’m quite familiar with my hotel people now and they’re helping me enjoy my stay. I saved 20,000 dollars.

And yeah, my doctors here are highly professional and extremely well trained, I think just as good as anywhere in the world, if not better. And as I said, establishment is first class…this is a good place to be.”

Costa Rica is sending tremors in the well heeled cosmetic dentistry in the developed world. The cost of cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica could save you a fortune, just as it helped Mike saving his.

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