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Dental Work – Cost Difference between Costa Rica and US

Two sisters from New Jersey, USA reviewing dental crowns and dental implants in Costa Rica. They discuss the huge price difference between the US and Costa Rica.



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Video Transcription


“Oh! Tremendously, worth it! The cost difference is, it’s practically I would say 5:1, probably I would say maybe.”


“When I, after my sister had her first work done and I said, “Oh I should consider this”, because I wanted to get some crowns done and have the fillings taken out of my teeth to get the natural filling. And I had an estimate of seven crowns that cost in my area, which is close to New York City is $17,000 and here it was $3900. So it’s, I have no dental insurance. And so it’s a gigantic, it’s 4:1, the difference in the cost. If I had dental insurance it would not have covered what they have done here.”


“It’s well worth it, I had implants. You know it’s not cheap but compared to what it would cost in States, you know, I could not have afforded it easily. Let’s put it that way, would be like getting a car. “


“You know a high profile car!”


“$50,000 car versus you know the cost that I pay which was pretty close to $20,000. So, yes it was significant.”

Here’s another video of a Texas resident, Charessa, reviewing dental implants in Costa Rica.

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