Whether you are seeking low cost dental implants or veneers, finding a well-qualified cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica is crucial to a cosmetic-dentist successful smile makeover. Before embarking on your dental vacation in Costa Rica, it is important that you view before and after pictures to ensure that your dentist can provide you with the desired results.

Fortunately, the hunt for the best cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica is now easier than ever, thanks to the country’s booming medical tourism industry. An April 2012 Tico Times article by Clayton R. Norman, titled “Medical tourism businesses expect growth”, reports that medical tourism generated about $288 million in Costa Rica in 2010

Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica could dramatically improve your smile without stretching your budget. The ability to explore the beautiful Costa Rican landscape during your dental vacation is also a plus that many dental tourists enjoy.

Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures

  • According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, popular cosmetic dental procedures include: whitening, composite fillings, dentures, dental implants, orthodontic treatments, tooth bonding, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, and periodontal cosmetic surgery.
  • Dentures, bridges, and dental implants are popular tooth replacement options. Dentures and bridges can be removable, whereas dental implants are a permanent tooth root replacement solution.
  • For patients who want a more youthful appearance without committing to extensive surgery, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers can drastically and quickly improve your smile.
  • Tooth bonding, composite fillings, and crowns can all repair chips and/or other structural damage to the teeth.
  • Patients who feel self-conscious about the positioning of their teeth or gums may benefit from orthodontic treatment and periodontal cosmetic surgery.

Advantages of Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Costa Rica

  • deux-river-costa-rica Affordable treatment. For patients from the United States or Canada, undergoing dental treatments in their native countries can cost a small fortune. On the contrary, dental work in Costa Rica costs a fraction of the price one would have to fork over in North America. With so many without dental insurance in the United States, the affordable opportunity to undergo cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica can be greatly beneficial.
  • High quality procedures. The low cosmetic dentistry prices in Costa Rica do not indicate that you would have to sacrifice treatment quality. Costa Rica’s reputable dental doctors adhere to strict medical standards. The quality of dentistry here is comparable to that in the United States. Of course, you will have to be circumspect enough to steer clear of dental facilities with questionable credibility.
  • English-speaking staff. Whereas some patients may fear a language barrier in a Spanish-speaking country, there is no need to worry: the typical cosmetic dentist in San Jose, Costa Rica is accustomed to treating foreign patients. Thus, the staff at a good cosmetic dental center in Costa Rica usually speaks English. Some clinics may even have multilingual translators available.
  • Well-equipped dental clinics. The best oral surgeon in Costa Rica will work at a dental center that is equipped with the latest technology. For more complex treatments, such as dental implants in Costa Rica dentists utilize the latest computer-imaging technology and implant techniques available.
  • Qualified, board-certified dentists. Looking for the best dentist in Costa Rica? You won’t have to scout around much as you will find a number of dentists. Many dentists in Costa Rica undergo rigorous training, sometimes even studying in the United States to learn the latest techniques. Those looking for an oral surgeon and cosmetic dentistry in San Jose will be pleased to find many dentists there are affiliated with international dental associations.
  • The chance to relax on a dental vacation. With the savings enjoyed due to low cosmetic dental care cost in Costa Rica, patients have the opportunity to explore the lush natural landscape of the country. Popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica include:
    • Arenal Volcano. An active volcano in Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano draws a variety of sightseers­­­—from landscape photographers to ardent hikers.
    • Tortuguero National Park. This national park is home to thousands of animal and plant species, with the large tortoises being among the most popular attractions.
    • Playa Nosara. A serene, quiet beach filled with wildlife and water activities.

Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica could help you improve your smile without spending a small fortune on dental treatment. Given the high quality of treatments, advanced technology, and experienced dentists available, it is not hard to see why dental tourism in Costa Rica is a booming industry.

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