In this video, Selena and Jo talk about their dental work experience affordable dental work in Costa Rica.

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Video Transcription

“Hi my name is Selena Imgrund and my name is Jo Lewis, I live in North Jersey in a town called Bluefield which is ten miles south of New York City. “

Why did you choose Costa Rica for your dental work?

Selena Imgrund

“Well, I think primarily cost was a big factor. Even on my job, I have dental coverage but that’s very limited and that’s true with most jobs. Dental care and the coverage it carries is extremely expensive and for the average person, I mean we are talking significant amount of money that has to be put out. And, not that I, you know, couldn’t have found, you know, practitioners in States but the cost was a major factor. “

Jo Lewis

“Also, one of the things that my sister and I had talked about is that the contrast of having dental work done here compared to the United States. Often times in the United States, dentists were drag it out unnecessarily. They will do one tiny procedure, “Okay, come back in two weeks.” And it just goes on and on and on and on and on. It’s a different approach here, where it’s very concise, it’s very complete and everything is taken care of in a very efficient and proficient way. “

What can you say about the information provided for your dental trip?

Jo Lewis

“My sister’s contact person, who is Melina, who is still here, she provided a lot of the intricate information that we needed to be able to complete the process of getting here through, you know, making sure that our passports were correct and everything was coordinated and timed with the flying trip and the dates. So, everything was just, she …………everything was exact and they told us who was going to meet us and……pick us up at the airport to the hotel. They transport us. So, we do not have to worry about anything. We just had to get to the airport and everything was taken care of. It has always been a very smooth transition with every trip that we have made here to Costa Rica which is a fabulous country.”

What about the quality of your dental work?

Selena Imgrund

“Oh! The quality is exceptional. Quality is not an issue. The quality is exceptional, the service is exceptional. The dental staff has been fabulous and quite qualified. State of the art equipment and you know, you can’t go wrong. “

Jo Lewis

“I’ve told a lot of nurses and the therapists that I work with and patients and families as well and as a matter of fact, I have a couple of individuals who are interested in pursuing, making arrangements to see about coming to have their dental work done. Because, it’s been a win-win situation for both of us. And thank god my sister had her initial work done because I would never; I probably never would have had any of this done. “

In their previous video, New Jersey based Selena and Jo said they were happy about their decision on coming to Costa Rica for their dental work. Watch Part 1 of their testimonial here.

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