For patients who need their damaged teeth replaced but can’t afford the hefty price tag of the requisite treatment, getting low cost dental implants in Costa Rica is a great choice. Nobel Biocare dental implants in Costa Rica are a good option for Americans and Canadians who are looking for cheap yet quality missing teeth replacements abroad. nobel-biocare-dental-implants-in-costa-rica

Nobel Biocare – Background

Nobel Biocare is a company that specializes in dental implantology and cosmetic dental solutions such as crowns, bridges, and veneers. Its main office is located in Kloten near Zurich, Switzerland and it has production centers in Japan, Sweden, Canada and the US.

Nobel Biocare dental implants are made from titanium and feature TiUnite, a proprietary surface that helps in implant stability and bone formation. Due to the exceptional strength and durability of implants under this brand, it’s no wonder they come at a high price in developed countries. But Nobel Biocare implants in Costa Rica remain cheaper, thanks to the Latin American country’s low cost of living.

Enjoy Great Savings with Low Cost Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Affordable dental work in Costa Rica gives hope to American patients who don’t have enough insurance coverage to fix their dental problems. According to a report from the US National Center for Health Statistics, an estimated 45 million Americans under the age of 65 had no dental coverage in 2008 (from Dental Insurance for Persons Under Age 65 Years With Private Health Insurance: United States, 2008)

The gravity of this insurance situation makes it even more reasonable for people from the US and other high-income countries to take advantage of low Nobel Biocare dental implants cost in Costa Rica.

Advantages of Nobel Biocare Dental Implants in Costa Rica

  • The cost of dental implants in Costa Rica is just a fraction of what dentists charge in First World countries such as the US and Canada, which can give dental tourists more than 50% savings. costa-rica_2
  • Dentistry in Costa Rica is also made popular by the presence of highly competent and board-certified dentists. According to PROMED, 80% of Costa Rican dentists have received their degrees from dental schools in the US and Europe. You can easily find a highly qualified dentist to fit your Nobel Biocare all on four dental implants in Costa Rica with satisfying results.
  • There are numerous well-equipped hospitals and state-of-the-art dental clinics in Costa Rica which boast of JCI accreditation. Most dentists and staff at the leading clinics can communicate in English, thus, eliminating the language barriers for overseas patients.
  • With the cheap dental implants price in Costa Rica, one still has money left for other procedures that are equally inexpensive. Tooth veneers and dental crowns in Costa Rica can give you that much needed self confidence without drilling a big hole in your pocket.
  • Another perk of taking advantage of low dental implant cost in Costa Rica is the chance to enjoy a relaxing vacation in an exotic paradise during the course of your treatment. How to make your vacation fun and hassle-free? Check on some tips below.

Tips for Dental Tourists in Costa Rica

Traveling to avail Nobel Biocare dental implants in Costa Rica can leave you with only good memories if you follow some pretty simple reminders along the way:

  • Choose a dental clinic and dentist with a very good reputation before flying to Costa Rica. You can check out patient testimonials and reviews which are readily available online.
  • Don’t forget to bring your passport, valid IDs and dental records, if needed. Americans and Canadians don’t need a visa to enter Costa Rica for a 90-day stay.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and accessories so as not to be a victim of pickpockets and muggers in both crowded and remote places in Costa Rica.
  • US dollars are widely accepted in Costa Rica, though tourists are advised to bring cash in smaller denominations for use in shopping and dining or for paying for taxi fares and tipping.
  • To avoid any health problems, avoid eating street foods and drink only bottled water.

You can put an end to your dental concerns and finally have the confidence to smile from ear to ear now that affordable Nobel Biocare dental implants in Costa Rica are available for you.

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